4G LTE Only Download For android apk

By | December 3, 2019

4G LTE Only Download For android apk

4G LTE Only Download For android apk

4G LTE Only Download For android apk . May be you see title and think that this post is useless. But when you read my this article i hope you will say that you were wrong.

Let me say that this application one of the best applications that i use for my necessity. Not i use for my fun. How it ? Read full article.

I have a Samsung mobile. In my area 4G signals are not too strong. And my mobile did not have only 4G mood.

When i select auto ( in which Lte , 3G are there) due to low signals my mobile goes to 3G . That was not good for me.

Then I download this application. With the help of this application i can select 4G only and use 4G in my mobile.

But Remember that on which network you want to use 4G you should put that SIM in slot one. That is much necessary. otherwise you can not enjoy 4G.

How to use this application ?

Download this application from given link and install it. Now open this application. Here you will see Start and Continue. Click on it. In next page choose LTE|3G|4G|Settings.

On this page Set preferred network type select LTE only. You mobile should be 4G compatble . Here are some screen shots so that you can easily enjoy this feature.

There are many other features are in this application. Which are very useful for using. You can test your network speed with this application. How much data you received and how much you sent over network.

Current network option and signal strength option also there. IMEI and phone number of first SIM you can see here.

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