Ads For Search | Google Adsense

By | August 21, 2019

Ads For Search | Google Adsense

Ads For Search | Google Adsense

Hi friends ! as you all know that google is world best online ads company. It offers a huge money for their workers. If you are adsense partner then read my this topic carefully.

Google give their partners ads for their sites and paid money in return. All partners put these ads on their site.

Google brings many other offer for their partners. Ads for search one of the best option of them.

In this option you put a search bar in your site. When visitors came in your site they search in that search bar . google shows many options in search. In these searches visitor click some link that are top on site.

In return google pay some money to site owner. Confused ? No matter check these screen shots.

Ads For Search | Google Adsense

How it Work ?

How to put this option in your site ? That’s so easy . Just follow some steps in my Next post.

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