Alternative Of Google Adsense on Uzairworld

By | July 21, 2019

Alternative Of Google Adsense on Uzairworld

Alternative Of Google Adsense oo Uzairworld. Some people do not want to work with Google adsense. Due to some Reasons , they try to find other alternatives.

Today we talk on that alternatives and why people try to find them. First of all we talk on reasons that urge people to go alternatives.

Why people go to alternatives ?

There are many causes from which some are here;

  • Google reject many of sites without telling any reason
  • Google site approval is not so easy and it takes many days
  • Due to lack of understanding google policy and get disable
  • An accidently click on your site by yourself may cause not just ban you but block you forever

And many other reasons that people do not want to work with Google adsense. Here are some alternative of Google.; is one of the best ad network of Yahoo! bing network. It provides best textual ads that fit any where in site. is work with many big advertisers. I think that is ad network is very closer with Adsense. It gives good pay to its customers.

This ad network is also very strict with its rules. And may be block your site without any notification. So read their rules carefully.


Infolinks is another ad site which served ads on your site. They deals with those site who have a large number of text contents. Infolinks indexed your site and then serve ads related to your content. Also many other ads type for site admins. But main ads type is text ads. It catch your text in posts and show ads on that text by dragging mouse on them.

Infolinks will not approve a site if he think that there are not enough content in site.

More Alternatives will updated soon . Please keep visiting Uzairworld and Comment bellow for any help or Question.

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