Golden-tea 2nd topic about withdraw money

By | July 19, 2019

Golden-tea 2nd topic about withdraw money

Golden-tea 2nd topic about withdraw money is about questions that are very necessary. If we want to work properly on this site. In our previous post we talked little bit about this site. For that Read our Post click on here.

What is the minimum money for withdraw ? First time you can withdraw 1 Ruble. Ruble is there currency in which they deals. How much you have in your account you can withdraw.

Conditions for withdraw money;

  • You should have energy
  • and money

I know you are thinking about energy. Because I did not already explain about it. Basically energy is a power, which bounds us for withdraw money. Wee can get energy by getting referrals. Invite people by sharing referral link which site gives you. If you get more referral you get more money.

Hope you will understand about Golden-tea. For more interesting , informative and useful topics please keep touch with us. For any question comment bellow you always be welcome.

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