How to reset or hard reset of infinix hot 9

By | November 25, 2020

How to reset or hard reset of infinix hot 9

How to reset or hard reset of infinix hot 9

How to reset or hard reset of infinix hot 9 . Hi friends ! If you want to to sell your mobile or if you have any problem of your mobile. Want to revert it on original settings. Like on the first day when you was purchase the mobile. You do not know how to reset your mobile, then this topic is very useful for you.

In this article I will tell you that how you can reset your infinix mobile with some simple steps. The method is not too difficult. It is easy like 1,2,3.

Don’t worry. Read this article till end so that we can tell your matters solvation. There are two methods to reset your mobile.

First is from your mobile setting and second will useful when you forgot you mobile screen lock password or pattern.

Before starting the process of reset ,you should bear in mind that all of your data in mobile will be deleted permanently and will not be returned back in your mobile.

First Method (via mobile setting)

° Go to the setting menu of your mobile.

° Scroll down and down and you will reach the bottom of the settings options. Here you will see the system menu. Click on it.

° Next you will see the option advance click to display advance options.

° Click on reset option here you will see many other options.

° Now click on erase all data ” data factory reset”.

° You will see a message that will ask you ,Your all accounts like Twitter Facebook YouTube Google will be deleted. Here click on “Reset Phone”.

° Now on next screen you will see another notification that your all personal information and application will be deleted and cannot be undo. Here click on erase every thing.

° If necessary then enter your pattern pin code or any of the screen lock for continue.

° Your mobile will restart and take a time of 5 to 10 minutes for being on again.

Now install your all applications again in your mobile. Now your mobile is fresh.

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