How to speed up your mobile Internet

By | March 21, 2020

How to speed up your mobile Internet

How to speed up your mobile Internet

How to speed up your mobile Internet. In our today’s topic we will discuss that how we can speed up our internet speed on mobile. These days in many countries mobile internet works so slow.

The reason of that problem I expect that When we open an internet data. Many background application opens and use internet data in background.

For that reason our internet goes to slow . Not only slow but data package ends in early. As I told in above today we will talk about it.

1 : Close background applications ?

Close all background applications of you android mobile. Doing this is so simple. Go to setting then Applications and open all applications on by one . Now click Force stop of each application.

Doing so you can save your data package . Not data package but you can save your battery power.

2: Using a Software

By using a little software you can easily stop background applications. That applications actually using your internet data in background and make slower your internet speed and your mobile speed.

Here bellow I am given a link of such application that will be useful for our visitors. But first read the using detail of this application.

Download this application from given link. Install it like other applications. Allow all permissions of this application if ask. Now open and just click on “ON” Button.

Doing so application background will be green from red. Now your application is ready for work.

Download link of this application is Here .

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