How to use dual social application in android ?

By | July 6, 2021

How to use dual social application in android ?

How to use dual social application in android ?

How to use dual social application in android ? Let us talk very informative and useful topic today. Some times we need to use dual social app like facebook ,WhatsApp etc, then this article is for you. Read this topic till end.

Why need dual apps ?

If we have two account of same social network and we want to use them on same mobile, then we use this method.

The method is so easy , just like one ,two ,three 😁. Full method of this setup is given bellow with full detail. This setup is absolutely free. Not only free but much easier than other methods.

How to use dual Apps ?

For using two apps of same company you should need a piece of software, that’s link is given at the end of this article. Download the app from given link.

This application is not much heavier for your mobile. Also this application is work on lower android versions.

Download this application and install this in your mobile. Click on installed app icon and open it.

When you will open this application you will see the interface like on + button. Now see next screen shot.

Choose application which you want to make Dual and then click on clone. Now you are on the way .. Waite a bit so that your clone goes to ready.

After successful clone install cloned application. Your dual app is ready for use. Open cloned app and add your 2nd account or creat a second account.

Download link of this application.

Download link of this application is given. We are not responsible for broken or any other error of this application. We just find best applications for our uzairworld users.

Download link

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