Internet Browsers Talk – Good And Bad

By | November 11, 2021

Internet Browsers Talk – Good And Bad

Internet Browsers Talk - Good And Bad

Internet Browsers Talk – Good And Bad . Hi friends πŸ‘‹ Hope all will be fine . Today we are talking some good and some bad internet browsers features. These features will help you to choose browser for your internet surfing .

There are many internet browsers are available for mobile or PC on different platforms . May be today we do not cover all but try to talk on some. And some of there features. Let us start from UC browser.😊

What is special in UC browser ?

UC browser is a cross platform web browser which especially targeted mobile interface. It’s small size and fast download (data compression) make it popular in mobile browser field. May be you noticed that. This feature help those people’s which have low memory mobiles and also slow internet connections.

Can UC browser be tracked ?

Independent researchers verified that UC browser save all user data wether any user browse in normal mode or in incognito mode. And when all data saved in UC cloud then it is on risk. 😁

Is it crime to use UC browser ?

Yes it is crime to use in India because indian government has banned it in India. Government said that they pose a threat to sovereignty and security. In other countries you can use it on your own risk.

Which browser is safe ?

Google chrome is on of the safest browser of the browsing field. It is very easy to use and also very secure πŸ”.

Actually google chrome works with built in transparency protection. When users data on risk it warn users to save there data and protect by changing security option. Also when user surf on phishing or malware sites it also warn users that is a best option.

Does opera steal data ?

Company said that they do not steal any user data but when we register or add any account it asks for some informations.

It is necessary to make your data protect by yourself by using any good VPN .

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