Keyword Ranking In Search Engine

By | June 13, 2019

Keyword Ranking In Search Engine

Keyword Ranking In Search Engine Is our today’s topic and i will explain in this this topic

  • What is Keyword Ranking
  • Is it Necessary for any Blog or website ?
  • How to get batter ranking in search engine

What is Keyword Ranking ?

Keyword Ranking in SEO actually measure your site words Popularity and it checks keywords of your blog in Search engine that how much time a keyword searched in Search engine.If any keyword of your blog or website many time searched then your site will be in search on first page; Thats mean you will get more traffic on your website;Is it Necessary for any Blog or website ?

Is It Necessary For any Blog or website ?

Yes It is very Necessary. as i explain above More keyword popularity more traffic.

How to get batter Ranking In Search engine ?

Work for batter keywords and get batter Ranking in search engine. For That First of all you should connect with Google Keyword tools and Search which keyword can get batter ranking.Choose batter keywords there and Write topics on them.

Or Check your site keywords Ranking and Focus some keywords and work on them.

I will explain in my next post that how to check your site keywords which popular in keywords.

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