National Ice Cream day Free Ice cream day

By | July 22, 2019

National Ice Cream day Free Ice cream day

National Ice Cream day Free Ice cream day. Today i was surfing on internet and got amaze. When I read a post on National Ice Cream day. according to writer it was not just children kidding. But it was national day that celebrated in USA. It is due to according the law that designed by thin-president Ronald Reagan following a joint resolution in Congress.

This resolution signed in law on July 2 , 1984. That law shows the activities interests of USA . Also It is entertainment for us and outdoor activity.

According to IDFA ( International Dairy Food Association ) , average American consumes more than 23 pounds every year.

IDFA founds that many families doing ice cream job from previous 50 years. And many have their own business. Its shows the popularity of Ice cream in USA.

During Summer of 1790, President George Washington shared a love of frozen treat, designating approximately $200 for ice cream.

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