Update And Watch Status-Earn Money

By | June 9, 2021

Update And Watch Status-Earn Money

Update And Watch Status-Earn Money

Update And Watch Status-Earn Money . Hi friends you are all will be fine. Our today’s article is about earning money. Actually this is an application which you can download in your android mobile. Using of this application is so easy. In this post I will explain all features of this application and how to use and earn from this application.

How to start ?

First of all login with Facebook or Google and then upload , share and view status to start earning money. For checking your earnings click on left side navigation bar menu and click on “My Earning”. 1000 points are equal to 1 dollar. Points will be collected via status view, upload and share.

How to withdraw Money ?

You can withdraw minimum 10 dollar which is equal to 10000 points. This is minimum limit , there is no maximum limit for withdrawal. But there are some conditions for withdraw money. First you have 1 publish post and second 1 follower you should have.

Payment Methods

There are many payment options are available in this application. Some are Google pay, PayPal, Phone Pay and Paytm for Indian users. If these payment option are not supported by your country you can request via contact us page for international methods.

Point Earning Rate

Sharing your referral code your friend will get 100 points. You will get point for any unique status. Points on every status are;

  • Share video = 4
  • View video = 4
  • upload video = 4
  • Share video = 3
  • View video = 3
  • Upload video = 3
  • Share Gif = 3
  • View Gif = 3
  • Upload Gif = 3
  • Share Quote = 2
  • View Quote = 2
  • Upload Quote 2

This point table may be change on any time so these rates are valid till next update by application company.

Download link of application

You can download this application from given link at uzairworld.

Download link

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