What is ShareIt and How it’s works ?

By | September 20, 2019

What is ShareIt and How it’s works ?

ShareIt is a file sharing technology which fouded in April 2015. The CEO of ShareIt Michael Qiu. User can share files with the help of shareIt like Photos ,Videos , Audios and many other type of files.

What is ShareIt and How it's works ?

With the help of this application you can send file from PC to PC and Mobile to PC or Mobile to Mobile. The ShareIt is available in 39 languages like English, Indonesia, Hindi, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese and many others.

The application is support protocol connection and consider a secure type of connection. Best type of file transfer consider Bluetooth but that is so slow. Another way of file transfer is USB that is also not secure also.

ShareIt is best than Bluetooth file transfer and USB file transfer. In field of file transfer ShareIt competes with Xender , Zapya, Share apps, and SuperBeam.

ShareIt also offers wide range of entertainment of his users like videos, music and other entertainment films, Gifs.

You can download shareIt for your mobile from given link. Download, Install and enjoy free file sharing world.

Download link

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