Whatsapp Introduced New Amazing Features

By | November 27, 2020

Whatsapp Introduced New Amazing Features

Whatsapp Introduced New Amazing Features

Whatsapp Introduced New Amazing Features . Hi friends! hope you are all will be fine.Today we are talking about whatsapp features . Which are very useful for whatsapp users. In our this article we will explain about these features. Let’s com to our topic.

1 : Mute any sending video;

When you send a video message to any one and want to hide or mute the unnecessary voices then this feature is for you. In many video there are voices which users do not want to share with others.

For that purpose now you do not need to any other video editor for editing video. This editing feature is now available in whatsapp. I think that is an amazing feature.

How to use this feature ?

Using of this feature is so easy . Just click on sending video there mute audio option will seen here. Click on this option. Now your video is muted.

2: Read message later or archive chat

Archive chat feature is already available in whatsapp but now with a different style. In old whatsapp when you archive a message that is hide but when new message came that archive appear unread messages again.

But with the help or new archive option all new coming message will not appear. For that purpose whatsapp introduced this new feature. You can ask this feature “Vacation mode”.

However archive feature will be replaced as Red later named feature.Archive feature will not remove from whatsapp but name change. And vacation mode turn on and off option will also available in whatsapp.

I hope these features will be helpful for all whatsapp users. For more features stay connect with us at Uzairworld. Here below are our some posts which will be useful for our coming friends from Google or other social site.

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