Whatsapp Latest Features that may you not know

By | January 5, 2020

Whatsapp Latest Features that may you not know

Whatsapp Latest Features that may you not know

Whatsapp Latest Features that may you not know . As you know whatsapp one of the best mobile messenger application. Every one which have a smart phone and not whatsapp in it, It is not possible. Whatsapp is one of the application that has in every smart phone.

For making more popular whatsapp brings many latest features every week. So that people not get tired from it. Here bellow today we discuss some of the features of this application. Let us come to our topic;

Message Forwarding limit

Whats app added message forwarding limit . Now if any person forward a message in five times then limit exceed. After that no one can forward it again. If forward a message more than a five time to the same person then whatsapp got disable. The Whatsapp team asked that it is due to disturbness of the users.

Whatsapp group calling

Now Whatsapp offers group calling. Now you can call 4 persons at the same time in one group. This feature applies voice and video call both.

Forward Message lable

If some one send you a message then you can check that this message is self written or forwarded. A forwarded message shows a label on it.

Admin Control On the group

Now admin can control his group. Without the permission of the admin no one can send messages in group. Also admin can decide that who can change these permissions . I think that is a good option when people send unnecessary messages. Also other users of the group get tired from these messages.

These are some of the features that are very useful. In my next post i will explain more features. Hope you will keep visit on my blog.

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