Some Important Facts For Buying Tv

Some Important Facts For Buying Tv.

Having a new TV to play video games on or stream Netflix, Disney + and the new Paramount + service is great. But buying a new TV can be difficult. Why? Because your eyes for a larger TV may be larger than your budget allows. However, most people say that you can choose bigger if you can afford it – I have never heard anyone say “Hello, I wish my TV was smaller.” And sales of TVs 65 inches and larger increased by 53% (in units) during the first half of 2020, according to research firm NPD Group.

But there are other issues to keep in mind when buying a TV, says our colleague Marc Techz. Among the TV shopping myths he debunks in his latest column is the need for 4K video on smaller TVs, in the 40-inch range, and if you should worry about 8K. Vaccine agreement with COVID-19: Looking for information on Spanish? Try these sites to book at CVS, Walmart and more

Netflix launches short-form video feature similar to TikTok

Oh, and do you need the extended warranty on your new TV purchase? Not necessarily. And when you get home and plug in your new set, if the video quality reminds you of a soap opera, there’s a solution for it. Speaking of TVs, Samsung says its 110-inch and 99-inch 4K Micro LED TVs will to be available this spring and a 76-inch model will also be available.

What else happened in Tech?

Facebook’s misinformation problem. Right-wing sources for news and information generate the most interactions on Facebook and those who spread misinformation have even higher engagement and generate an average of 65% more engagement per follower, according to NYU’s project Cybersecurity for Democracy.
5G network to expand. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon were big spenders in the Federal Communications Commission’s recently completed 5G spectrum auction. Verizon spent the most, but T-Mobile may be in the best position, analyst Bob O’Donnell suggests.
Now you can have your own racing drone. Consumer drone DJI unveiled its new all-in-one first-person DJI FPV ($ 1,299) drone. It comes with goggles, giving you a front-row seat when the high-speed drone zippers from 0 to 62 miles per hour in two seconds and goes as fast as 87 mph.
Game interruption

Among the news in video games: The popular child-friendly online gaming platform Roblox works with a “secure” voice chat option for players who can currently only chat via text. What do we read more? We all know that a new Nintendo Switch is coming. Bloomberg wrote that a new version will come later this year. GamesBeats Mike Minotti wrote about how upgrading the console’s performance is more important than the need for the new console’s larger screen to be 4K quality.

This week on Talking Tech

Topics on this week’s podcast included the good news that all Apple stores in the United States were open for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began. We also discussed Spotify’s plan to add higher quality audio and the launch of Paramount +, the dubbed TV streaming service originally called CBS All Access.


California – Now that so many of us have become accustomed to working from home, it’s a question that may come up, does 5G really mean more? After all, most people probably connect to the internet and all their work colleagues with their built-in Wi-Fi via a broadband connection, e.g. a cable modem. Why would they need a different type of fast wireless connection?

There are a lot of reasons, but some do not matter until we dare a little more. First, as I wrote a few weeks ago (see “Can 5G become your new broadband connection?”), 5G is starting to become a more viable alternative to cable as a high speed internet connection source. Thanks to a technology called Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), which is the core of Verizon’s 5G Home service,

you can get a blazing fast 1 Gbps (that’s one gigabit per second) connection to your home via 5G. The problem is that the service is limited to some cities in the US. Verizon added Detroit last week, so accessibility is slowly starting to improve. How to network when working from home: Start by reaching out and contacting people Work from home, but have no space? Try an Airstream RV

Why you should use LinkedIn: How to master the company’s social network

AT&T started talking about offering a 5G-based FWA service. T-Mobile has also announced that it plans to offer a 5G-based fixed wireless broadband service that covers more than half of US households by 2024. Considering that 5G fixed wireless services can match the best download and charge speeds that the cable offers to relatively comparable prices, 5G can provide a dramatic improvement in the options at home.

It has happened

a lot of discussions about using 5G to expand broadband internet services to rural areas and other places that do not have high speed internet. It would be a huge improvement for residents, and it could attract more people to live and work there. Some type of broadband connection will be an important requirement for people considering these types of features, so 5G can expand the geographical locations where people can live. and work.

Even for those who live in urban areas that theoretically have better broadband coverage, connection can be a challenge. It is certainly not uncommon to encounter problems with the quality of broadband or even more likely problems with congestion in Wi-Fi that greatly limits the speed and reliability of Internet connections. City dwellers in crowded environments clogged with Wi-Fi routers and hotspots often cannot get a good connection to the internet.

In these situations

it may make more sense to use a fast 5G mobile network as your primary connection and then use the portable hotspot feature on your smartphone (or even buy a dedicated 5G hotspot hardware) to share that connection via Wi-Fi .

For those who are aware of privacy and security, a mobile connection is generally more secure than Wi-Fi, in part due to the proliferation of Wi-Fi hacking tools. Note that you can pay a premium for using a smartphone-based mobile connection as your primary means of Internet access compared to other broadband options. This is a trade-off you may need to consider.

Once people return

to their workplaces on a limited basis or just coming out to enjoy an outdoor cafe after being stuck at home for months, a 5G connection is starting to gain even more value for most workers. The real beauty of having an always-connected mobile connection, even on computers and tablets, is that you never have to worry about being disconnected.

With a 5G connected

computer, you can do all your work anywhere – from regular emails and chats to video calls and other collaborative efforts. You never have to worry about finding the name of the Wi-Fi network, getting the password, worrying about people using Wi-Fi for unnecessary purposes, and so on. It’s just connected and it works. Speaking of which, it’s really hard to go back once you’ve gotten used to that kind of freedom of connection.

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