Read Message Without Blue Tick Secret Method

By | October 24, 2021

Read Message Without Blue Tick Secret Method

Read Message Without Blue Tick Secret Method

Read Message Without Blue Tick Secret Method . Whatsapp is one of the largest messaging app of the world. With the help of this app people send messages across the world. Whatsapp gives many facilities to its users on different times so that people use it easily with many features.

Today we will tell you about these features which you do not know . These tricks are amazing and interesting . With the help of these tricks you can manage there whatsapp good and stylish .

Change Friend profile Picture

If you want to change the profile picture of your friend , Copy its number and choose the picture you want to use , paste number on it.

Now paste this picture on friends picture . The profile picture of your friend will be change.

Change Whatsapp Number

Some people change there whatsapp number many time , Doing this there data may loose . Now we will discuss this tricks that will not loose your data. The method is so easy . Go to Whatsapp setting and click on accounts there will be an option of number change . Click on this option.

There are two fields. In first field type your new number and in second field type your old number. at the end click on done.

Send a Big file

If you want to send a big file more than 15 MB then upload your file on cloud send and send its link to your friend . When your friend click on this link he will download file easily.

Transfer Whatsapp File In Computer

Upload File Cloud Send link and open this link in computer. Download all files in your computer via link.

Hide audio Messages

When you want to listen audio and hide it from others , as play audio put it on your ear , No one will listen audio.

Save Chat

For save chat open backup option always . So that chat will save on daily basis or weekly as a backup. Doing so you can save all your message.

Hide Message Blue Tick

When some send you a message before reading message on airplane mode before reading message. Now listen or read messages. Blue tick will not show on sender mobile when you not connect mobile with internet.

When read or listen the message do not click on back , Click on multi window option and close all background apps. Doing so all applications will be closed and when you will close airplane mode whatsapp will not be online.

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